Wednesday, December 11, 2019
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Pupils from Raasay Primary School recently undertook a "Week of Work."

The normal school timetable was cancelled and the pupils had the opportunity to attend workshops, covering a wide range of professions.

As part of the Developing Young Workforce Curriculum Programme, each pupil began the week by identifying skills they thought they had and areas they would like to develop.  

They then took part in workshops representing various career paths, including chef, paramedic, personal trainer, computer coding, receptionist, hairdresser, roofer, civil engineer, bricklayer, architect, crofter, silversmith, gardener, housekeeper, yoga tutor, dry stone waller and dental nurse.  

By the end of the week pupils had, in some cases, changed their minds about their own possible career paths and had gained knowledge in what skills would be required in the workplace.  They also had the opportunity to ask the various volunteers and contributors what were the key skills involved in their professions.

Wilma Duncan, Head Teacher, stated: “Here at Raasay Primary School, we place great emphasis on developing knowledge and experience in our young people both within and outwith the classroom through the identification and mapping of core skills that will support lifelong learning and work.  Vocational experiences, provided by our local community, can offer our young people the opportunity to gain vital skills and experiences and enhance the pupils’ understanding of skills development that links the classroom learning to that of the wider world."

The school would like to extend its thanks to local business partners and community organisations in Raasay, Skye and beyond who delivered a range of enriching workshops supporting the key curricular areas; Technologies, Mathematics, Literacy, Health and Wellbeing, Art and Design, Learning for Sustainability and Digital Learning. 

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