Monday, September 16, 2019
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There's something evocative about the names Raasay jewellery maker, Fiona Gillies, has chosen for her two companies.

The Silver Grasshopper accurately sums up bespoke, quirky jewellery – all hand-made by Fiona herself.

Heather and Gorse conjures up a picture of a Raasay hillside and will be the identity for the gift shop side of Fiona's business.  She told The Skye Times: “All my gifts are made in Scotland.  I'm very keen to support local designers and creators.  I try to source the most original gifts possible.”

Located next to Raasay's new distillery, Fiona has been running The Silver Grasshopper since 2013.  Recently, Fiona decided to separate the two aspects of her business and create a unique website and identity for her gifts.

Although she has always been creative, Fiona first started jewellery making when she attended a class in high school.  “I instantly loved it,” she reveals.  “After that, I went to college to study for a year and learned how to be a silver smith.  Then I returned home to Raasay and got my tools together and took it from there!”

Fiona is also keen to take her jewellery over the sea to Skye.  She says:  “I'm hoping to do jewellery parties on the Isle of Skye.  I'm based in Raasay.  So, not everyone can make it over to my shop in person.  I am looking forward to going to Skye with jewellery and gifts that people can see and try on.  I could either come to your house or do a little pop-up craft table.”

All are welcome to visit Fiona's shop on Raasay or online at The Silver Grasshopper and Heather and Gorse.

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