Sunday, December 15, 2019
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An application for planning permission for a marine site within the waters on the southeast coastline of the Isle of Scalpay has been submitted to the Highland Council.

Marine Harvest (Scotland) Ltd. have proposed the installation of a feed system and 12 circular pens to be installed in a 75x70m matrix grid.  The exact position of the pens, moorings and ancillary equipment will be confirmed in the final planning application.  

The site will be accessed by boat.  It is planned to use an existing shorebase at either Sconser or Maol Ban, which currently serve the existing MHS farms in the area.  However, alternatives may be considered nearer to the proposed farm, such as upon the Isle of Scalpay or the Isle of Skye.  Any terrestrial developments will be subject to separate planning applications.

It is likely that a new team of staff will be recruited to work at the site, including a site manager, assistant manager and farm technicians.  Employment levels will be confirmed in the final application.

In August 2015, a video survey was carried out at Scalpay.  Video footage was played back in order to identify species occurring on the seabed and a frequency estimate was recorded.  

The image above displays current fish farms and marks the spot of the proposed fish farm.

One of the other planning applications submitted including a proposal for an EE telecommunications apparatus, plus ancillary equipment cabinets close to Glenbrittle Youth Hostel.

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