Saturday, December 14, 2019
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A film that brought together a Skye artist, a musician, a poet, a dancer and a filmmaker (to name a few!) has been launched.

The film, entitled The Journey, is the brainchild of artist, Diana Mackie, who states: "As a landscape artist, I have always wanted to appeal to the viewer's imagination in finding a place to go in their visual exploration around the canvas.  This need was heightened by viewing a friend's video on the occasion of my art exhibition.

"He focussed on one of my landscape paintings and went to the point where the frame as obliterated and the sense was we had entered the painting.  The sense of being within this painting was so intense, I knew I had to explore the concept further.  On discussion with my musician husband [Alan Cleobury-Jones], he became totally caught up in the musical interpretation of the five paintings and the story they tell."

Directed by Dan Brinkhuis, the film explores five of Diana's paintings, Incoming Gale, Inside the Wave, Breaking Weather, Rocks and Clouds and Above the Clouds.  The images are accompanied by poems written by film critic, Amy Simmons, and read in the evocative tones of Aonghas Phadraig Caimbeul.  Tina Fores-Hitt gives a passionate dance performance, adding yet another interpretation of Diana's art.

Diana continues: "We both feel the images depict a story of evolvement.  'The Journey' seemed an appropriate title for the traveller to make their own emotional journey through the landscapes depicting images influenced by the Isle of Skye."

The film can be viewed at Diana's website here.

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