Sunday, January 19, 2020
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One of the Glendale stalls

Every Tuesday will bring a taste of summer as Glendale showcases itself and all that it can produce.

For the second year running the The Glendale Highland Market is back in business bringing with it fresh tastes, smells and sights of just how good local meat, fish and veg can be.

With much of the vegetables picked just hours before the 11am opening time, according to the community led Glendale Times, those making use of the local retail outlet are guaranteed of putting something good on their plate.

This year promises to see increased availability as the producers are more prepared for the huge demand that saw most of the fresh produce sell out very quickly in 2015.

The Glendale Highland Market was the brainchild of outgoing Local Development Officer, Elgar Finlay, who said:“Glendale has been famous for its cabbages, there are still a few about, but a lot of the high quality produce gets sold directly to restaurants and off the Island.

“The market has been great on many fronts but in particular the way it has allowed folk to gather and socialise has been great to see.

“I’m really excited about the future for the prospect of a local abattoir on the island would be a real improvement because you don’t have to look far to appreciate the incredible lamb on the hill and shore. All of that and more could be consumed locally it’s got to taste better than anything we get shipped in from across the world.”

When local producer, Anthony Hovey of Skye Vegetables set up stall last year he never expected to sell everything each week.

He said: “We had to stop all the locals coming down 10 minutes before the market opened”
And it's not just the locals with a taste for the ultra-fresh. Natalie Bayfield a local volunteer, and now Brand Ambassador for the market, even sold lobster and kale to tourists.

She commented: “Actually it’s an easy sell, who doesn’t want to come to Skye and eat campfire lobster?

“ A lot of this produce is sold to Michelin star restaurants. Visitors are really interested in the story behind the food, it’s so fresh the vegetables will at least survive the journey home, wherever in the world our visitors are from!”

Glendale Highland Market will be outside Glendale Community Hall on the 21st June and every Tuesday throughout the summer and is open from 11am-4pm

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