Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Happy newly weds

Honeymooners Jed and Charlotte Case are still wondering if it was really the fairies who helped get their marriage off to a, well, fairy tale start!

The pair were travelling around Skye when they stopped off  at the popular Fairy Pools to have a look around but on returning to their car, complete with its "Just married" message written on the rear bumper, they discovered an unexpected surprise.

For on their vehicle they discovered a handwritten note and inside a £10 note. the message read "Here's to a (small) round of drinks, a good time in Skye and a great life together."

Jed said: "We went for a walk and came back to the car where Charlotte noticed something on the windscreen.

"Amazingly, some very kind fairies had noticed our 'just married' sign and left the hand written note with money inside, underneath our windscreen wiper.

"I was blown away to be honest, at first I thought it was a parking ticket.

"I looked around the car park but couldn't see anyone to thank.

"We got back in the car and went for drink in the Old Inn in Carbost."

He added: "It was incredibly kind and it is a moment that we will never forget.

"We'll always be able to tell the honeymoon story of the fairies who gave us the most unforgettable wedding present.

"If the fairies see this, thank you so much."


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