Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Kt's first book in the series


Skye - its landscape but just as importantly its people - has helped provide the inspiration for a new work of fiction.

Writing under the pseudonym of Kt Adams, the self publishing German based author behind the new book says it was based strongly around her time on the island and encouraged by the local residents that she met.

 Kt's latest novel follows on from her first in the series about time travellers called "Wolf and the End of the Future" which is available from Amazon.

Kt said: "The second book is basically set in Skye and as I like setting my books in locations I know, the characters of this book enjoy some of the places I loved going to when being there in Sleat.

"In a way, I wanted to commemorate some of the people in Skye who I thought were really great guys. I couldn't put in all of them, so I chose the persons who made a living at the southern edge of Skye possible by providing all the things one needs on an everyday basis."

In particular though Kt has fond memories of chatting with Martin MacLure during his time of running the Skye Farm Shop at Armadale.

She added: "My husband and I used to shop at his establishment and we used to talk quite a lot and learn a lot about food production and farming on Skye, he told us about his Dad's farm and I've written about this lovely little shop in my latest book.

"Martin made us understand what is so special about locally produced food. He made me and my husband change our attitude towards food."

In fact such was the impact that Martin had that she would now like to send him a copy of the new publication.

Kt said: "There's a dedication to all those nice people in Skye in my book. And as Martin  is one of them, I wanted to give him a copy of my book as a kind of thank you for all the talks he had with me and my husband. I'm sure Martin will not remember us, but would like to give him a book as a reminder of his time as the owner of the Skye Farm Shop. He did a great job."

Kt who can be contacted by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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