Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Finnian and his selfie

Who said selfies weren't an art form.?

And, for Raasay's Finnian Croy his ability to click with competition judges has earned his photo creation a place in a very special exhibition.

For the teenage has just return from London's Saatchi Gallery after being shortlisted in 10 best shots selected from over 14,000 entries from 113 countries.

Although not acclaimed the outright winner of the "Selfie for Saatchi" competition, Finnian's work will still be seen by hundreds of people during an exhibition of the winners which will run in the gallery through until May 30.

The gallery called on Juergen Teller and Tracey Emin to select ten of their favorite snaps that feature in the first exhibition dedicated solely to the selfie.

According to the Gallery while people often turn their noses up at selfies, 40 billion of them are taken every year across the world. With its undeniable power, they decided to dedicate a space to the genre in its gallery.

As part of the exhibition From Selfie to Self-Expression, the gallery will showcase masterpieces by Cindy Sherman, Tracey Emin, Van Gogh and Velazquez, among others, alongside ten poignant snaps from the British art scene’s emerging talent along with the selfie competition winners.


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