Kyle lifeboat in action

Reports of screaming and shouting sparked off a rescue drama at Kyle today (March 24)

Shortly after 1pm the UK Coastguard requested that Kyle lifeboat respond to two separate reports of screaming and shouting coming from the bottom of the viewpoint a quarter of a mile east of Kyle.

The lifeboat launched 10 minutes later, and arrived on scene to find a boat drifting around half a mile from the shore. The crew went alongside to ask if they had heard anything, and found out that they were divers who were having trouble starting their boat's engine.

According to the RNLI crew it transpired that one of the divers had surfaced some distance from the boat, and had been shouting trying to attract the attention of their friends onboard.

Having confirmed that everyone was safe and once the diving boat's engine was restarted and the person in the water picked up, the lifeboat returned to station.

Yesterday (March 23) the Kyle lifeboat, together with Kyle Coastguard Rescue Team and Coastguard helicopter R951 were also involved in a search for a possible person in distress near Kyle following a report of a person shouting for help.
Further investigations identified that this was a false alarm.

And in a further incident Mallaig Coastguard Rescue Team were tasked to assist Scottish Ambulance Service with a 52 year old male casualty with a broken leg from the beach in Arisaig to the awaiting ambulance.