Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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Wheel Nuts annual show

The popular annual Skye Wheel Nuts show faces its own race against time if  it is to survive.

For founder and chief organiser of the event where vintage cars, bikes and trikes are the stars, Ricco Perri, has suddenly announced that he will be standing down from his lynchpin role.

Via the Wheel Nuts facebook page Ricco from Edinbane, who has been at the heart of the annual Portree show, which last summer was highlighted in The Skye Times, said: "Due to circustances beyond my control......I find I am no longer able to organise and run further S.W.Nuts shows .

"Anyone willing to take up the job as organiser should contact me personally ASAP to arrange handover of show equipment... signs ..gazebo .. table..... paperwork and contact addresses etc .

"If nothing happens by 17.April 2017. I will announce my retirement and cancellation of this year's show, however if someone can take over I will continue to promote SWNuts in the future.

"Thanks for your support in the past years."

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