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Week: 12
Date: Saturday 18 March – Friday 24 March 2017

Cuirm@Celtic: Anna Latharna agus Caraidean
Saturday 18 March
BBC ALBA, 9.00 – 10.00pm

A concert special presented by Linda MacLeod marking ten years since the publication of the magisterial book, Songs of Gaelic Scotland, by singer, author and academic, Anne Lorne Gillies. Cuirm@Celtic: Anna Latharna agus Caraidean showcases songs from each themed chapter from the book. The songs cover centuries of music from Scotland's most significant Gaelic composers and bards. Appearing onstage with Anne at St Luke's in Glasgow is a group of acclaimed singers and musicians including Arthur Cormack, Kathleen MacInnes, Angus MacLeod, Rachel Fraser and Alan Kitchen.

Vets: Gach Creutair Beò (Ep 5/12)
Monday 20 March
BBC ALBA, 8.30 – 9.00pm

This series takes viewers on a journey across Scotland following vets as they tend to animals from small to large to very wild. Stories of joy and stories of sadness meeting all creatures great and small.
In this programme, one of the zebras at Blair Drummond Safari Park has to be knocked down as he has a sore foot. The drug used in the dart gun would kill a human being, so vet Colin Scott has to be very careful when he is preparing the dart and has an antidote ready in case anything goes wrong.
In Wick, vet Kiri Harvey is tending a cat that has broken his leg in a road accident. An X-ray shows that she has no choice but to amputate it because of where the break has occurred, but how will Tiao cope with only three legs?
And vet Austen Marr is visiting a studfarm near Banff where they breed horses that have gone onto be successful at World Cup level. The window for a horse becoming pregnant is very short, so the mares are regularly checked to see if they are in foal.

Trusadh - Cathair na Ceiltis / Glasgow University Gael Tales
Monday 20 March
BBC ALBA, 9.00 – 10.00pm

Annabel MacLennan, currently a student of Celtic Studies at Glasgow University takes a trip through the centuries to meets some of the department's academics. She explores the University's place in the context of Scotland's other Universities, and also finds out about how the first Chair of Celtic came to be.
From the founding of this ancient institution in the fifteenth century, Gaels were a sizeable group at the university. Gaelic was still spoken by up to half of all Scots and it was very much the language of the countryside surrounding the city of Glasgow.
Despite this, there was no formal teaching of Gaelic at Glasgow University until the very end of the nineteenth century. The main impetus for this to happen came from the Ossianic Society, founded in the 1830s to provide a forum for Gaels to meet together and speak their mother tongue.
After much pressure, both from within the university and at a national level, enough money was raised to have regular lectures in Celtic studies, but it was to be over half a century before Professor Angus Matheson was finally awarded the Chair in 1956 and the department's prestige was elevated to that of other subjects at the university.

Seòid a' Chidsin - The Kitchen Coves (Ep1/6)
Wednesday 22 March
BBC ALBA, 10.00 – 10.30pm

Sharing a passion for quality ingredients and creativity in the kitchen, Roddy Munro and Ùisdean Macleod join forces in a new series on BBC ALBA, The Kitchen Coves / Seòid a Chidsin, to enthuse amateur cooks everywhere.  Roddy and Ùisdean from the islands of Harris and Lewis respectively, like to relax with a hot stove, a sizzling barbeque, a sharp knife and the chemistry of creatively combining ingredients to make the most of them. 
Ùisdean takes us out to sea in search of lobster while Roddy heads for Harris where he is shown how they make local venison sausages. On their return Roddy shows us how to make a sausage and mushroom casserole on a bed of champ. Ùisdean prepares and impressive platter of locally sourced seafood, lobster, prawn, squid and mussels accompanied by a homemade Marie Rose sauce.

DIY le Donnie (Ep 6/6)
Thursday 23 March
BBC ALBA, 9.00 – 9.45pm

In the last programme in the series, Donnie ‘Dotaman’ Macleod builds a barbecue at Lewis Castle College. After building a base and brick walls, the project is complete allowing Donnie to invite contributors from the series to an afternoon of food and fun at the inaugural barbecue party. We also see the completed new-build in Craobh Haven, Argyll as Donnie joins the site foreman and the home owner for a guided tour.

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