Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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A couple of canine cops could come in handy as police in Portree try to round up their latest street wise offenders.

In fact a local grass – or two – might also help as officers attempt to track them down.

For local police have promised that they will bring to an end the problems being caused by… a flock of sheep.

At the recent meeting of Highland Council's Isle of Skye and Raasay Committee members were told that the flock have been causing concern by wandering unchecked around local streets. Now officers are being tasked to put an end to the woolly walkabouts.

On more significant issues the committee also heard that domestic abuse and cyber crime were new priorities for Police Scotland.

Members were told that on Skye the detection rate for drug dealing and misuse was encouraging, but it was disappointing that people were still being involved in this illegal activity.

The Police said they did receive information from individuals in communities in relation to drug activity and the public could use the Crime Stoppers telephone number to report incidents;

It was confirmed that domestic abuse on the Isle of Skye and Raasay area was dealt with robustly by the Police, although in rural areas it was harder to detect. The Police worked with Women’s Aid and the Health and Social Care services on data sharing and staff were trained to deal with instances of domestic abuse. Nationally, there were 135 domestic abuse instances reported daily to Police Scotland, an increase of 26%.

Information on domestic abuse instances in the Skye/Raasay area was requested for future reports.

 In terms of cyber crime and telephone scams, often the elderly and vulnerable were victims of such crime, and increasingly this crime was very lucrative to criminals. There was a need to raise public awareness of these crimes.




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