Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Enforcement of waiting restrictions and other parking measures for Skye in the months ahead were being discussed today (Feb27).

A Highland Council report before the Isle of Skye and Raasay Committee made it clear that while police may no longer be responsible for enforcement the local authority is looking at options.

They said: “The criteria for enforcement resources are such that the service must be delivered cost neutral. The allocation of staff in the Skye area is an unknown at this time and it will require live assessment of the demand for enforcement to ensure adequate and efficient allocation of resources that does not defund any other part of the service.

“Currently enforcement staff are based in Inverness & Fort William and initial enforcement out with these bases will be planned but unannounced to allow officers to visit areas to enforce restrictions effectively.”

Already local members have expressed concerns that adequate staff resources must be allocated to Skye.

The report added: “This has been evidenced by difficulties in traffic management and income collection experienced in 2015/16. If the case can be made that enforcement activity can be funded from income generated then members have requested consideration be given to providing a post on Skye.”

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