Sunday, August 18, 2019
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 Skye-based filmmaker, Chris Young, is set to announce plans for a new Script Development Programme, which will benefit new writers, producers and directors working in film and television.

Chris is set to make the announcement in his keynote speech at the Glasgow Film Festival's Industry Focus event this Friday (24 February 2017.)

The programme will be operated and run by new company, Young Film Foundation.

The Foundation is currently seeking appropriate funding partners and Young hopes to launch formally and open for applications later this year.  The Foundation will focus on script and project development with a remit to seek out and identify new and aspiring writers, producers and directors. It will nurture their talents through a programme of workshops, seminars and mentoring over a week-long residency in Skye. 

In 2012 Chris Young relocated his Film & TV Production Company, Young Films, from London to Skye and began work developing and producing BBC ALBA's long-running Gaelic drama, Bannan. One of the most significant challenges facing Young Films in delivering Bannan was identifying and developing new Gaelic talent.

With tremendous support from Creative Scotland, MG ALBA, HIE and Creative Skillset, Young Films has worked hard to successfully create a new generation of Gaelic speaking TV talent.  Nearly 20% of Bannan's overall production costs can be in some way attributed to training and development spanning across almost every discipline of the production process but most specifically in writing, directing, producing, acting and editing. 

Chris Young says: "From the beginning we knew we would need to invest a lot of resources into training and development. The past four years have taught us that given the right opportunities and conditions new talent can and will flourish. We now have new writers, directors and producers who had never worked on TV drama delivering full episodes. 

"It has long been acknowledged that more needs to be done in Scotland to develop indigenous TV and film-making. Through our experience on Bannan, we have recognised the opportunity for a dedicated training and mentoring programme, which we believe, has the potential to transform the Scottish film and TV industry by bringing on the talent of the future. This gains even more significance given the announcement this week by Tony Hall of a new dedicated BBC Scotland Channel."

Chris adds: "Bringing together a mix of writers, producers and directors on a one week residency will enable a real and dynamic context in which they can thrive. Each participant will bring one project and the course will answer to a wide range of possible situations. The week will help to further their skills in film & TV development, as well as advancing their own work to production level under the guidance and support of leading industry practitioners.

"For me, the inspiration is the Sundance Institute's Feature Film Programme. This has revolutionised independent cinema in the USA and around the world and over the last 30 years has developed and  supported over 400 exceptional films. Closer to home, I recognise certain key initiatives that were influential for me personally but also culturally significant for Scotland. One, Movie Makars, was a script development programme that ran through the 90s in Inverness and helped to advance the careers of subsequently well-known screenwriters and producers such as John Hodge and Andrew MacDonald. I hope to bring the same ethos to our new venture and that the Young Films Foundation will help to inspire and sustain the ambitions of the next generation of successful storytellers in Film and TV in Scotland."

For further information, contact Sandra MacRae at Young Films on 01471 888154/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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