Monday, September 16, 2019
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Following on from their recent Housing Open Day, Glendale Trust is moving on with its aim to have more affordable homes in the area

Now, all those with an interest, are being asked to take part in a short online survey.

They say: "The Trust is looking into providing affordable housing opportunities within Glendale and following on from our recent open day we would like to gauge local support for the project and would be grateful if you could please read the information provided and complete this short survey.

"By making serviced building plots and new homes, for sale or rent, available at below open market prices the Trust aims to make accommodation available to households who would otherwise be priced out of the local market and potentially forced to leave the community or live in unsatisfactory accommodation in order to remain there. This project will also provide the opportunity for those with local connections who are currently priced out of the market to return to the area.

"By retaining control of rental allocations as well as a legal right of pre-emption and locking in discounts through an equity share or Rural Housing Burden in all sales, the Trust has been assured it will be able to provide affordable homes for successive generations of local households. A draft copy of our allocations policy is included with the information provided, there is no requirement for the trust to allocate to those on the Highland Housing Register as the Housing association or Council would be required to.

More information on the different housing options possible are available from the Highland Small Communities Housing Trust online at or by calling 01463 233549.

For further details about the Trust's draft allocations policy read on or to take part in their survey follow this SkyeTimes link.
Affordable Housing – Draft allocations policy

To be eligible to purchase or rent a property, or purchase a plot of land, from the Trust applicants must be able to demonstrate:

1. A clearly established permanent connection (residential, family or employment) with the Glendale area.

2. Demonstrable difficulties in securing housing opportunities that meet the accommodation needs of their households within Glendale.

3. Capacity to meet the costs of the affordable home ownership opportunities offered by the Trust.

Properties and plots will be allocated to eligible applicants through an application process conducted by an impartial third party. The Trust will reserve the right to exercise its discretion in allocating properties.

The Trust will seek to balance the relative needs of applicants’ households with the priorities of the local community in seeking outcomes that meet household needs while supporting the sustainability of Glendale.

In seeking to maximise the social and economic impact of The Trust developments on Glendale the Trust will aim to give priority to local applicants likely to make a significant ongoing contribution to the prosperity, balance and sustainability of the community.

Criteria to be considered during allocations

1. Applicant has a clearly established permanent connection (residential, family or employment) with the Glendale area

2. Applicant is a key worker or has skills/experience that would benefit Glendale

3. Applicant would help to sustain a local business or businesses

4. Applicant would generate significant economic benefits from their work for others locally

5. Applicant improves the demographic balance

6. The applicant is a young person living locally looking to leave their parents’ home to create a new household within the community

7. Applicant is living within Glendale and looking to downsize from a large property to a more manageable property within the community

8. Applicant would provide care or support for a family member

9. Applicant has evidence of housing need

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