Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Local fitness guru Sam Crowe has taken the first steps to help others improve her running.

From next month she is set to start up "The Running School" which, in her own words, is for "anyone who wants to get better at running."

The sessions, to be held at Skeabost, are designed to show fun ways you can improve your pace on hills and the flat. Helping you learn how to fuel your training, showing you how to make your body injury supportive of your running and cut your injury risk

The cost is £30 for 6 weeks of Friday classes-£45 to include a personalised plan
Private sessions availiable 1-1 or £35 for 6 weeks of sessions for 4 pals

Here is how the 6 weeks works:
Week one-Goal setting, what do you want to achieve?
Find out where you are on the vo2 max scale (i.e how good is your body at getting oxygen to your muscles)
Week two-Hill reps session,learn how and why to do these
Week three-Strength and core to power your runs and reduce injury
Week four-Speed session, how to get faster
Week five-Nutrition session,what to eat/drink to fuel your training and events
Week six-Using weights to train for running

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