Friday, August 23, 2019
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The new stills on Raasay

The opening of Raasay’s new distillery has moved even closer with the arrival of its bespoke stills from Tuscany.

R&B Distillers, the company behind the new facility, are still expecting the distillery, which will have an adjoining visitor centre, have set themselves an April deadline to begin distilling and hope to be fully operational by this summer.

Meanwhile they have also announced the second batch of their lightly peated single malt whisky, Raasay While We Wait which, in its own way, will pay tribute to one of the island’s most famous characters, Calum Macleod.

For the batch will be limited to just 1,974 bottles to honour the completion, in 1974, of Calum’s road after a mammoth ten-year endeavour: to build it across Raasay, from Brochel Castle to Arnish.

The limited edition second iteration has spent 18 months finishing in Tuscan red wine casks, imbuing the spirit with a rounder and fruitier flavour.

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