Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Calum's creation


Local artist Calum Gillies has come up with a whole new look for Raasay.

For he has taken the island....and sent it vertical!

On social media he said: "I finally drew a picture of my wee island that I'm happy with! It's stuffed full of references and my favourite spots, and it, of course, features a Kelpie."

Calum's unique take on Raasay is available for sale, priced £25 and to find out more follow this SkyeTimes link

On his website he adds that the picture is: "a unique, hand-drawn piece designed and created entirely by myself, originally drawn using Staedler Pigment liners onto A4 Bristol Board paper.

"The Story- It's Raasay, but vertical! I'm from the wee island of Raasay, and for ages I've wanted to draw something Raasay-related. I've had a few attempts, but this is by far my favourite. It's stuffed full of wee references and places around the island, as well as my favourite places and historical sites.

"What you get- A 210 x 297mm print of my drawing onto high-quality thick Bristol Board paper. This is not a photocopy, all my drawings are scanned into Photoshop and the linework and imperfections tidied and sharpened up. These prints are better quality and clearer than the original drawing! "


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