One of the footprints on Staffin beach

Police in Portree have confirmed that the damage at Staffin Beach involves the popular dinosaur footprints.

They say that plaster was poured into two of the prints yesterday (Dec 28) and investigations are underway.

According to local officers they are keen to trace a lone male who was driving a campvan and was seen in the area. If anyone can help the number to ring is 101.

The prints on Staffin beach are believed to have been left by a family of dinosaurs that walked across the sand here some 165 million years ago. To put that in context, the gabbro rocks of the Cuillin were formed about 60 million years ago, and they were carved by the glaciers of the last ice age on Skye just 11,000 years ago. These are very, very old footprints. To be able to see and touch them in-situ is an amazing experience.

The dinosaurs that passed here were Ornithopods, herbivorous creatures who walked on two legs. They, along with the carnivorous Megalosaurus and the omnivorous Cetiosaurus and Stegosaurus, contribute to Skye's reputation as the 'dinosaur isle'.

There is a fair cluster of footprints on a bed of sandstone on the beach. The prints are covered by the sea at high tide, and are often covered by sand in the summer.