Monday, November 11, 2019
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Services across CalMac's network were, today (Monday December 26), beginning to resume after a very difficult weekend of festive weather, though some disruption remains.

High winds and rough sea states persist in many areas, but forecasts indicate that conditions may improve later.

Many routes will have a service today - some as per timetable, others with amended sailings - and customers, as ever, should check the status of their intended route on CalMac's website, social media and app.

The current period of bad weather looks likely to subside later today and into tomorrow (December 27) and it is hoped that Tuesday will bring with it a greater degree of certainty for passengers and a further increase in the number of routes returning to full service.

"Thankfully conditions do appear to be improving and we are continuously monitoring each route," said CalMac's operations director Drew Collier. "There is no doubt this has been a difficult weekend for our communities, customers, crews and port staff, and we can hopefully look forward to a period of increased certainty for travellers. I remain appreciative of the support and forbearance we have experienced in light of these conditions, which are out of our control but, nonetheless, frustrating."

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