Friday, November 15, 2019
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Film maker looks to Skye scenery

Do you have or know of an inspirational personal story that others might love to hear? Then Stockholm based film maker Gareth Warland wants to know!

For Gareth has a New Year deadline to meet if he is to go ahead with a major new online film for one of the UK's leading drinks brands.

He said: "What I'm looking for is a current story or incident that people can connect to, something which would inspire and be remembered.

"I am keen to use the wonderful setting of Skye in which to film and if I can also find a local story from there all the better.

"Because it is for a drinks brand then it must involve someone over the age of 18 and I have in my head maybe a something involving a young fisherman but really I am open to any suggestions.

Since graduating from film school, British director Gareth Warland has created a number of commercials, music videos and short films in the UK, Brazil and Scandinavia.

His ‘Shoebox’ film for human rights organisation Helen Bamber Foundation was awarded a Silver Clio in the Film Technique category. A love for sound design has led to multiple nominations at the International Music & Sound Awards in the UK.

 So if you think you may have something then email Gareth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and to view some of his work follow the link here


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