Monday, November 11, 2019
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Ross (right) presents one of the defibrillators


The week-end saw an anniversary landmark for Portree fund raiser extraordinaire Ross Cowie.

For not only did it mark the catalyst for the founding of his incredibly successful charity, Lucky2BHere, but also the fact…that he is still here to celebrate it.

On Saturday (December 17) via social media Ross, who suffers from cardiomyopathy, a genetic heart condition, spoke about his own life changing moment.

He said: “Exactly 10 years ago tonight I had a cardiac arrest in the Shinty Clubhouse in Portree.”

In fact his life was only saved because of the quick response that Ross received not only from local ambulance crews, doctors and nurses but also the helicopter paramedics who happened to be in the vicinity.

So to help the people who helped him, Ross setup Lucky2BHere is to raise funds to help reduce response times, particularly in rural areas and hopefully to save more lives. 

This includes the purchase of specialist equipment as well as the organisation and provision of relevant first responder training courses, such as CPR. This is delivered in conjunction with the local ambulance service, nurses, doctors and the national charity First Response

On particular the charity has dedicated itself to installing life saving defibrillators in rural locations and trains users to try and ensure someone is always at hand to help avoid a tragedy.

Lucky2BHere is a fundraising initiative set up by Ross Cowie of Portree, who suffers from cardiomyopathy, a genetic heart condition.

Ross added: “Thanks to so many amazing people who helped and supported me and all those who have supported Lucky2BHere and made it become such a huge success in saving lives.

“Thanks a million to you all.”

If you want to support Lucky2BHere and its aims then follow the link here to find out more

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